Monday, January 15, 2007

24 seconds in a day

Click here to download. Some media players show the wrong aspect ratio - it's 16:9.

Maybe not the most beautiful seconds ever animated but reasonably good, considering the time spent. Pablo's pipe needs some tweaking (it bounces back and forth a little bit too much) and I think the spacing in some parts needs some tweaking - but from a broad perspective, it's there. Keep in mind that this render lacks motion blur which will make the arms look better when writing (I hope).

In this shot Pablo writes:

Once upon a tome,
In his lonely lair,
The Heartbroken Pablo,
Wept on his chair.

Stuffed with sorrow,
He typed away,
When his story,
Went... astray.

Tomorrow I'll spend some more time tweaking this shot before moving onto sh02.

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